Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Portland, OR

St. George's Chanters and Choir Ministry

Saint George Choir

In an Orthodox servive you will experence all of your senses, especially sound. With our beautiful liturical hymns, it will make you feel you are amoung God, Angels and Saints. Metropolitan Joseph of the Antiochian Orthodox of North America best describe the music during our service as; "Liturgical music does not have ethnic borders. It does not have ethnic characteristics. It is not Greek, Arabic or Russian. The church fathers did not create ethnic borders for worship. If music lifts you up, if it is a vehicle for prayer—not Western, Eastern, Arabic Greek, Russian or Byzantine— it is church music.". When you are at our church, visit our bookstore and purchase the CD's of Liturgical hymns that we have for sale, especially the one that our choir has recorded. Also, goto The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Sacred Music Library for free PDF download of Liturgical Music. This is a great resource.


Saint George Choir CD

CD of Saint George's Choir

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