Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Portland, OR

Saint George's Parish Council

To serve on a Parish Council is a ministry and all those who serve are called to represent Christ and the Orthodox Faith to all whom they meet in all aspects of life. The Parish Council shall consist of the Priest, as the head of the Parish, and a number of elected lay members fixed by the Parish By-Laws or by the local statute according to the needs of the Parish. The Parish Council is responsible to the Parish Assembly and to the respective Hierarch for conducting all parish affairs in keeping with the mission, aims and purposes of the Church as set forth in the Charter and these regulations.

Below are the current Saint George's Parish Council:
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Father George Saada; Parish Lead Priest

Father Edward Hillhouse; Assisting Priest

Deacon Steve Bambakidis; Parish Lead Deacon

Deacon Dennis Seib; Assisting Deacon

Doctor Joseph El-Khal; Chairman

Paull Kaady; Vice-Chairman and Men Fellowship Coordinator

Tony Charles; Treasurer and Iconography Coordinator

Grace El-Khal;Parish Council Secretary and SOYO Representative

Jonah Charles; Choir/Music Ministry

Penelope Teeny and Fairouz Reed; Sunday School Co-Coordinators

Melissa Pearson; Antiochian Women

Kerry Rose; Usher Coordinator

Gloria Layoun; Communication Coordinator

Doctor Christine Corbin McAfee; Newsletter Coordinator

Gregory Nickel; Calendar Coordinator

Douglas Helling; Bookstore Coordinator

Doctor Joe and Suzy Hadeed; The Order of St. Ignatius

Stacy Knuth

Albert Kehdi

Diyana Kassab

George Doughli

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