Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Portland, OR

Saint George's Icons Campaign Project

We need your help!

Help us adorn our beautiful church with traditional hand-painted icons, and leave a meaningful spiritual legacy for future generations. The St. George's Iconography Project committee is currently reviewing a proposal to adorn our church with traditional hand-painted icons. There are two parts to this project which are Scenes and Individual icons. Scene Icons will be grouped in Large Scenes (primarily Great Feasts) and Small Scenes (primarily Gospel Stories and Parables). Individual Icons of Prophets, Martyrs, Holy Hierarchs, Desert Fathers, Saints, and Local (American Saints) will be either Full or Bust size.

Generous donors have already pledged funds to complete 5 festal scenes. There are more scenes planned, and in addition, we hope to provide the option for a family or individual to sponsor a patron saint(s) or Gospel stories. Click on the Google Forms link to express which type of icon you are interested in, or how much you want to pledge. Below are the estimated costs of the four different icons, and click on the Icon Project Price list for the cost of the approximate 200 icons that are going to be written on St. George's walls. This list will be updated monthly.

• Large Scenes: $3,500

• Small Scenes: $1,750

• Full Body Saints: $800

• Bust Size Saints: $500

Below are the icons layout, their sizes, and prices of the icons:

• Altar Area View • Proskomedia Area View • Left and Right Icon View of the Iconostasis
• North Apse Icon View • South Apse View • North Nave Wall Icon View
• South Nave Icon View • Nave Entrance Ceiling View • West Nave View
• Dome and Beam Icon View • Narthex West, North and South Wall View • Narthex East Wall View
• Narthex Ceiling View
Donations of any amount can be paid by check or PayPal, which charges a 2% transaction fee. Please click on Icon Donations, PayPal icon below or click on the Tithe & Donations tab above. Enter your donations by clicking the PayPal icon and choosing Iconography Fund from the drop-down menu.

Please refer to the Iconography of St. George for the theology of Iconography, and more information related to icons.

We pray at each Divine Liturgy for God to "Sanctify those that love the beauty of Thy house. Glorify them in return by Thy divine power." May God reward you for your offering, which leaves a meaningful spiritual legacy for future generations.

Thank you very much for your support!

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