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St. George 2021 Summer Bake & Food Sale

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Spinach Pies

Saint George Portland, Oregon Orthos and Divine Liturgy Only August 1st, 2021. Live Video Stream begins at 8:50 AM.

Below are additional liturical feast services for July, August and September:

August 1st to August 14th Dormition Fast 

August 3rd and August 10th (Tuesdays), and August 12th (Thursday) at 6 pm Paraklisis. 

August 5th (Thursday) at 5 pm vigil for Transfiguration 

August 14th (Saturday) at 6 pm vesper, Artaklasia and Lamentation. 

August 15th (Sunday) Dormition Feast, Live Stream. 

September 7th (Tuesday) at 5pm vigil for Nativity of Theotokos. 

September 13th (Monday) at 5 pm Orthros and Divine Liturgy for Elevation of the Cross. 

Photo of Father George and his family

Holy Communion in the Body and Blood of Christ is only for members of the Orthodox Church who have prepared themselves by prayer, fasting, and periodic Confession. Everyone, however, is invited to partake of the blessed bread which will be offered at the end of the service and which may also be offered to you by one of your neighbors at Communion time as a sign of hospitality and blessing.


Saturday Vespers starts at 6pm.

Photo of Glass Cross

The service of vespers is the beginning of the liturgical day. The word comes from the Greek "hespera" meaning "evening." The service is chanted in Byzantine tones and includes the beautiful hymns, "O Gladsome Light," and the "Song of Saint Simeon." All are welcome.


Sunday Services, Orthros and Divine Liturgy. This is a combined service.

Photo of Dome

Orthros (same as Matins Service) is our Sunday morning service that begins at 8:50am. The meaning of Orthros is "daybreak." The Gospel readings, and the liturgical spirit of Orthros reflects the joy of the Resurrection of Christ. Following the Othros service, the Divine Liturgy begins at 10am.

Who We Are

Our parish belongs to the Christian church founded in Antioch, in the Roman province of Syria, by the Apostles Peter and Paul. As related in the book of Acts (Acts 11:26), it was there that believers in Christ were first called "Christians." In the centuries following, the Church of Antioch became one of the major patriarchates of the Orthodox Christian Church, serving the areas of Lebanon, Syria and much of the Middle East.

This makes Saint George parish a remarkable place. The parish was founded in 1930 to serve the Arabic speaking community.  This was incredible because it was started in the midst of the Great Depression.  With faith and determination, Saint George grew to what it is today.  Such a place might ordinarily remain an insulated ethnic enclave. Yet, due largely to incredible big hearts and the compelling hospitality of the Arabic-speaking community, the church became a home for many English- speaking inquirers looking for the ancient faith.

Our parish continues to grow with a cultural mixture of our parishioners.  You will experience  the hymns and readings of the Divine Liturgy both in Arabic and English that will give you a sense of being "One in essence with God."   


Photo of Saint George Church

Physical Address
2101 NE 162nd Ave, Portland, OR

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Our Mailing Address:
Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
P.O. Box 20695
Portland, Oregon 97294


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Saint George is a parish of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

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