Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Portland, OR

St. George Men's Fellowship Ministry

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St. George Men's Ministry was resurrected in October 2019. This is part of Diocese of Los Angeles and the West Fellowship of Antiochian Men (DLASWAM). It is a ministry that was created as a forum for Antiochian Orthodox Christian Men to establish fellowship and grow in their spiritual life.

Outside of the men's ministry, the men are involved in all aspect of the St. George community. They are involved in assisting the priest during liturgy, the choir and chanting, members of the parish council, assisting with church school, SOYO and Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women Ministry functions. As the story goes, in the early years of St. George, the first men of the church came together and built a fench around the property, paint the church, and even dugged out a basement at St. George's first establish building at the Southeast 62nd and Foster site. The great aspect about these tasks, the men put themselves last and put the spirit of the church first. This is what makes our bond within the men and other church's ministry so special.

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Before COVID-19, we were having monthly meetings and spiritual lessons. We were in the process of planning our master calendar on how we could help our parish community in need, planning group activities, formulating our organizational structure within the group, and communicating with other St. George ministries to assist them with their activities. The group would like to reestablish the St. George's Annual Memorial Golf tournament, fishing trips, going on an annual camping trip, and sponsoring/hosting local spiritual presentations by local Orthodox priests at our parish.

At this time, we are not meeting in person due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will find a way to get together. If you are a member of St. George or thinking about attending St. George, please reach out to us for more information.

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