Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Portland, OR

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St. George's SOYO Ministry

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SOYO: Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations.

Saint George values the importance of the future of the church who are the youth and young adults within the community. St. George SOYO facilitates a welcoming and nurturing environment that enhances commitment to faith. The youth organization at this parish is part of an association of youth organizations in the diocese and in the North American Archdiocese of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church.

Cultivating traditions of Worship, Witness, Service, and Fellowship, the young adult community participates in activities that nurture the soul. Living as servants, SOYO members live as witnesses of Christ in the world, expressing their faith through community service, church fundraisers, and monthly prayer reflections.

Gathering together in fellowship, members of the clergy guide spiritual discussions, applying spiritual teachings and guidance to today’s challenges and trials. Meeting monthly, SOYO participates in contemporary spiritual discussions and bonds as a community through fun events and activities outside of the church. Participating in fundraising events, SOYO coordinates with the Parish Council to facilitate event activities held within the church. More so, SOYO contributes to local and regional fundraising causes outside of the church. Participating in community service projects, SOYO properly represents St. George’s commitment to serve others and spreads the love of Christ.

Growing together as the future of St. George, SOYO facilitates a tight knit community that aspires to grow closer to Christ and abide by the practices of Orthodox Christianity.

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